URL To Run Workflow without start page

  • 30 June 2019
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I used to create manual workflow in Sharepoint 2010 + Nintex  and set a URL with ....startworflow.aspx ?ListID{skkdsk}&ID=1&Workflow_Name=Abc as hyperlink to click and excute by user directly, 

In Sharepoint online I am not able to create this hyperlink or couldn't find the solution to run workflow by a hyperlink or URL.


Please advise the solution or also the equivalent of startworkflow.aspx in sharepoint online nintex.



2 replies

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Hi Asif,


I looked at Fiddler while starting a workflow but I couldn't see how the workflow was starting to be able to get the URL.

What I ended up doing was creating a menu item with SharePoint Designer to start the workflow .

This tutorial is for 2010 but log into your O365 tenanat and the steps are the same.



I then started the workflow from the menu item and was able to see how the workrflow started using Fiddler and I was able to manipulate the URL to start the workflow on any item I wished.


URL looks similar to this.



I just changed the ID and the workflow would run on any item by entering the URL into a web browser.



Would you have another url for the same or a similar tutorial ?

The one here is now linked to a suspended account and not available anymore.

Thanks a lot 🙂