Update one XML item in a Repeating Section issues

  • 16 July 2021
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I am trying to use an Update XML action to modify one specific item in a repeating section. The XML is stored in Multi-line plain text field.  When I hard code the index to the number 1, it works fine.  But when I try to use a variable for the index (intIndex), it does not work.

XPath query:

  • This works:  //RepeaterData/Items/Item[‍1‍]/_6d18d179415d8084b66a218ecb931aaf
  • This does NOT work: //RepeaterData/Items/Item[‍{Variable:intIndex}‍]/_6d18d179415d8084b66a218ecb931aaf

intIndex is an Integer variable set to 1

Does anyone have any idea why it works with a 1, but not with an integer variable that contains a 1?

@emha - Hello.  I noticed that you have answered a lot of questions regarding XML.  Do you have any idea why this may be happening?





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Hi, try using build string action as shown in this article