Unable to obtain security token, authentication failed

  • 23 February 2017
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We are using these 2 actions on our workflow - Office 365 Create List Item or document set and Office 365 update item permissions.  We have been getting unable to obtain security token, authentication failed error.  Have anyone experience this issue?  I have attached a screenshot of the workflow and error on the attachment.  Any help will be helpful.

12 replies

Has the password for the user in the action changed? Or is the password expired and the user has to change his password?

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I'd recommend to "Resume" suspended workflow (click the icon - not only will you find additional information, but also a link to resume):

I guess that could be a temporary issue. I can recall such errors from my environment as well... Just a suggestion though 

You can as well paste the message you will find when you click the "i" icon.



no.  Now Nintex Support conclusion is ADFS is not accepting Third party token and we have to open a support ticket with Microsoft.  In the process of waiting for Microsoft reviewing the log file.  I will share more if I hear anything.

I have not tried that myself but I am not sure if the developer has done that.  I will try it this afternoon.  Thanks.

I reran the WF and no extra info. 

This is what Nintex support told me -

Based on the results that we have received from our various tests, it does appear that this issue is resulting from a failure to provide third party applications the appropriate security token. All users have failed our connectivity test with the error.

Is anyone know if we need to configure something on ADFS level to provide third party token?


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And how do you authorize yourself to et an access to your O365? Is there any redirection from the "OOTB" Microsoft welcome page? Maybe the account which credentials you are providing does not have a related record in your local AD (in case you have ADFS)?

I'm using ADFS myself to authenticate to my O365 tenant. For the account used in the workflow-actions I didn't setup anything special - neither for Nintex for Office365.

The user specified in the action is a regular user - and of course has a Office365 license assigned

We are using ADFS and SAML. 


Do you have to also trust the Nintex app every time you add the app?

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Yes, this is a normal behavior of apps model in SharePoint.

Hi, I am developer  working with See Phing on nintex application. we ran the workflow may times after it got suspended. But the workflow failed all the times with the above mentioned error. we followed the same steps as suggested by nintex.

1. tenant admin trust the app to provide permissions to read user profile

2. wrap the o365 activity in app step.

 Still  the issue remains.  As see Phing raised support ticket with Microsoft we are waiting for them to come with good news soon. If any one has faced this type of problem &  got resolved please let us know.


Hi there!

First, if you're having trouble getting the security token, look at your browser settings.

If nothing else works, try logging out of any other accounts you may have logged into.

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