Trigger workflow to start when item is modified any time a Date form control is changed

  • 20 September 2023
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How do you trigger a workflow to run anytime a Date control value changes? This could be changing from one date to a different date, or from a blank date to a filled in date.

I believe this was possible to do in Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2013 as it had a “compare to previous value” option you could select. 

In Nintex Workflow for O365 that option is not there for some reason. I have tried this simple approach shown in screenshot with no luck.

Is there any way to pull this off? Any chance the “compare to previous value” option could be added to this version of Nintex? 



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2 replies

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I believe I have found a solution to this using 3 controls:

  • Extended End Date (date type)
  • Extended End Date Text (single line text)
  • Extended End Date Text Compare (single line text)



On the form I created a variable that date formats “Extended End Date” and converts to string. Then I use a rule to fill “Extended End Date Text”. Now Extended End Date and Extended End Date Text will match when the form is submitted, while Extended End Date Text Compare remains blank.






Then I set my workflow to run when items are modified when Extended End Date Text not equals Extended End Date Text Compare: 


At the end of this workflow I then set Extended End Date Text Compare to equal Extended End Date Text. Now all 3 controls should match with the same date values.



If someone edits the form and changes the date again later on, this workflow will trigger again because Extended End Date Text and Extended End Date Text Compare will not equal each other once again.


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Hi @mtburgess 
May I mark your response as the Best answer for the question?