Template - Team site (no office 365 group)

I am in the process of creating a very simple workflow that creates a site in the SharePoint Admin center automatically.  I am using the Office 365 Create Site Collection action in my workflow.  After the site has been created and appears in the SharePoint Admin Center, I want the template set to Team site (no Office 365 group) in the list of active sites.  I have tested template options in the Nintex workflow action but none create the site using the Team site (no Office 365 group) template.  I have tried the following templates that are available in the action but none are working:

  • Team Site

  • Project Site

  • Team Site - SharePoint Online configuration

  • Custom - Select template later...


Every site that gets created uses the Team site (classic experience)


What am I missing?



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Update - I can use the Custom - Select template later... option in the Office 365 Create Site Collection action to create the initial site.  When I return to the SharePoint admin center, the template field is blank.  If I click on the URL, I am redirected to a template selection page: 




Is there a way to automate this part of the site creation process?


On the flip side, I want to create a Team site with a connected M365 group.  Anyway to do that?