Submit request with attachment to Remedy system via O365

  • 11 March 2020
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We are in the process of migrating from SharePoint 2013 to O365 and one of our workflows sends an email to Remedy to create a ticket.  We are having two issues.

  1.  We are not able to get the URL to show correctly so when you click on the link it opens the document.  We have followed several posts on here but none are working.
  2. When the workflow runs it is sending an email to the Remedy system and it has the attachments in the email, however when the ticket it created in Remedy it is not attaching the attachment.

I think these are both related since we are not able to see the email URL in the email to the Remedy.  I am really trying to find a solution that will do this in O365 as everything we have tried and searched for is not working.


Please help!

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Hi there,

Perhaps an alternate solution, if your remedy environment is API enabled, you could use a web call instead of emails or even possibly create NWC connectors for remedy.

For the email issues, if you send the emails with yourself CCd can you compare what you get now to what was previous.

Also can you post an example of what you would expect from the URL vs what you get now.