Start workflow action unavailable on 365

  • 3 November 2021
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Hi All, 


A site that I managed has been migrated by the company to 365. I was told that all Nintex features were available before approving the migration. When going in to check the workflows, I see that the Start Workflow action is not available and have the attached errors. I do not see an alternative action in 365. is this an action that can be enabled from my end or is this not a feature in the company's license version?


Please advise


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3 replies

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Hi @Nates_Mom ,


There is an action under the Integration tab called 'Start workflow' which allows you to start another O365 workflow, if you don't see it also check in settings / action availability that the action has been enabled in your tenant. It's also available in the standard license.. 


Cheers, Rick

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Hi @rickdemarco 


That action is not available under user interaction for me. The only actions I have with the word workflow in them are: 

1. Set Workflow Status

2. Set Workflow Variable

3. Terminate Current Workflow

4. Terminate Workflow Instances


Under Settings, I only see a list of Nintex Administrators. 


Is the most I can do is reach out to one of them to ask that they enable the action? 

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I figured it out. Got the tenant URL from IT.