SharePoint Online - Blank Choice Fields - Display and Edit Form

  • 24 September 2020
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I am working with a client on a large list that utilizes many choice fields.  The choice field values displayed without issue on the display and edit forms.  The moment the choice field values were updated and rearranged, all choice fields displayed without values.  All choice fields that were updated do not show a value.  Within the list, the values are present.  Does anyone know how to re-link the choice values to the display and edit Nintex forms?

1 reply

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So if I understand,

You choice field have, for exemple, values : "Value A", "Value B", "Value C"

Item have been saved with "Value A" 

You have edited values of Choice field to "value a", "value b", "value c"


And now when you display you item, the value is not selected in your forms ?


If yes, it's normal. You must update the value of your item to match the possible value of your field. 

When the form load, the dropdown will load with "value a", "value b" and "value c". your item have the value "Value A" saved, so it doesn't match ("Value A" is different than "value a"), and that's why you have blank in your form