Set a hyperlink field to read only

  • 17 July 2020
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I have a form with fields that should be read only once a button is clicked. Using rules, I was able to make this work by disabling the fields, but it came up today that hyperlinks in link fields aren't usable. Is it possible to somehow make this read only and still have the link work?


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3 replies

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It depend on your form Type (Classic form or New responsive form)


If you are using Classic form, juste use control Hyper Link (connected to your Sharepoint field) and force the Control Mode in Display. Or use RicheText control with your link (if it's a static value)



If you are using a new Responsive form, and if it's a static value, use a label (set your link in it) and use rules to hide/display your label, or reference a variable for you link value.

If you need to get the value of your link from a SharePoint field (of type Hyper Link) This can't be done yet. This is a current limitation of new responsive form.


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I'm using the responsive form, not the classic or new responsive. Is it safe to say that it is also impossible in the responsive form?

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Never mind. I was able to get this to work in the responsive designer by using a rule that only disabled it if the button had been clicked and the form was in edit mode. So in view mode, it isn't disabled.