Set a default date to yesterday

  • 2 May 2019
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I want to have a date field default to yesterday.


I have a SharePoint date column with a default value set to Today-1, but when someone goes to the form associated with the list, the date field is blank.


I tried clearing the default value in the SharePoint column, but the form would not let me set a default value on the connected field, even though there was no longer an associated default value on the list. Even if the field could let me set a default value, there doesn't appear to be a way to use a formula to calculate a date.


Any ideas?


This is using Nintex for O365 and a responsive form. The default value shows up when I have the Today's date option chosen on the list column, but not when there's the calculation to get yesterday.

1 reply

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Are you by chance running a workflow?  If so, you can get todays date in a variable and then use the "Add Time To Date" activity and put in -1 for Days, maybe run it right at the top of the workflow. 


I had difficulties with one of my lists and a calculated field (seems Nintex doesn't like them anymore) and so I created a new column that I updated via a workflow every time an item was created or modified.