Sending dictionnary from Workflow to Wokflow component

  • 4 February 2020
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I have a problem, i need to process a lot of data, more than 25 000 and when i'm doing that in only one workflow, i'm exceeding the 5 000 request limit of SharePoint. So i device de divide the traitement with component workflow, but i need to create 3 workflows (2 components and 1 normal).


The problem is that i need to send dictionary from the parent component to the child components.

I find no way to do that, if anyone have any idea of how to send the dictionary to the child.


I precise it's Nintex Workflow for Office 365.



1 reply

Hi Mathieu,

Instead of using a dictionary, can you put all the relevant information in a file, such as an XML, JSON or CSV file? If that file is created in one workflow, a separate workflow can then use that file to process the data.

See the following URL for reference;

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