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I have a classic Nintex form where I have multiple buttons that show depending on the status of the workflow on an item.  Some of the buttons return a string to a field in the item which is used in moving the workflow along.

Those buttons all work great.  The issue I have is the Save button in the ribbon in the upper left corner.  Somehow that is linked to one of the Save buttons and when I save the item using the ribbon button, it writes a value to that field using one of the buttons on the form, even if those buttons are hidden and that option should not be available.


Can anyone explain how the Save button in the ribbon is tied to the Save buttons on my form and how to break that link?  I just want a basic save without writing a value to that field and triggering the workflow to move.

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The Save button on the ribbon and on the form does the same thing, and Nintex has provided both for ease of use, I am not sure you can disable the functionality of the Save button in the ribbon. But you can hide the Save button in the ribbon using some JavaScript or CSS.  

And is there any specific reason you want to have different functionality for both Save buttons?

Thanks, I have different save buttons on the form to write different things to the associated item field in SP.  One will save the item, but not move the workflow along to the next stage while another will save and trigger the workflow to move along.  It's really like saving it as a draft where you intend to come back to it or sending it to the next person.


The funny thing is I don't understand why the ribbon button would write a specific value into the SP field.  That field is not on the form anywhere.  It could only be coming from the button association, so for some reason hitting that Save button on the ribbon triggers one of the form buttons which has that specific association with the SP field.  (Other save buttons either write different text or do not write a value to that field.)

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You can use "Conditional Start" options on your workflow, hope it helps.

I get the same problem today. Have you find a way to resolve the issue? The workaround I found was to hide the Save button in the top ribbon by adding below CSS in the HTML feature of a Rich Text Box.


div#RibbonSaveButton {display:none;}