Rules Not Working in Responsive Designer Repeating Section

  • 29 January 2019
  • 1 reply

I have control - let's call it C - in a child repeating section within a parent repeating section.

The control C has a rule which says: Hide if (Form Control A != X or if Form Control B != Y or if Child Repeating Section Control C != Z).

This rule functions correctly if there's only one repeating section and one child repeating section. If there is one repeating section with multiple child repeating sections, or multiple repeating sections with any number of child repeating sections, the rule doesn't work and control C is hidden in all child repeating sections.

How do I write this rule so that it functions for all combinations of repeating sections and child repeating sections?

1 reply


I would try reversing it - instead of using !=, you could use = in the top part of the rule to show the controls, but set the controls to have Visible = No in the Else part of the rule.