Rule works for a bit then fails

  • 12 May 2021
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Hello Nintex Community, 


I am looking to understand why my rule keeps failing. I am trying to us the neat features of Nintex grab a person's name and auto select their company from a choice field. The user name and company name are to be read only fields. We have a small group of users from 2  different company's. So we need to ensure we get that input from their login name and map it to their respective company. All the data from the form flows into a SharePoint list. 


We have a small group of user that will use the form. When they open the form the user name is auto populated in the default field of the single text box with the formula using [Context].[Current user display name]. 

In the rules section I have the following rule:


The rule works for a bit then fails. Initially when I thought and tested a theory that I cannot just make minor changes to the rule, so I would rebuild it every time I wanted to add more people within a grouping (company 1 vs company 2). My question is how do I best build this logic? Even if I don't touch a particular rule and add or remove another rule to make the form dynamic, the rule fails. I've troubleshooted this issues for the past 2 weeks. And in the end I created brand new rules with the same logic, but today again the rule fails and the company field is not selected. 

We need it constantly pick company 1 for the user Farzeen and John. But after a while it just takes the else value (no selection) 

The new responsive designer is amazing and I've used it for other forms. But for this use case it doesn't seem to work well. 


Thank you 🙂 


1 reply

I am unable to make out if the rule fails on it own after a bit of use or when you add another rule.

It may be possible the new rule added nullifies the current rule,

Are you using same fields/variables in other rules.


Prima-facie your rule looks fine, it is simple, the issue needs to be investigated holistically