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  • 3 January 2023
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I have a field on my nintex form called container number. How do I create a validation rule for the filed to say Container Number Field must begin with OA-


So a user is forced to always enter OA-12345


All I see in the rules is “contains” which means the OA can be placed anywhere. I need it to always be OA- first.




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Hi @partykdj 

Which form designer are you using - Classic, Responsive or New Responsive?


For New Responsive Form, why don’t you use the Input Validation settings (instead of Rules) ?

If you wanted users to enter “AG-12345” where the first 3 characters are “AG-” and the rest is up to the user. Use Regular Expression with the following pattern


Output for non-compliant

Output for compliant


Hope that helps
PS Sorry! Should be “OG instead of “AG

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Which version of the Nintex Forms designer (New Responsive, Responsive, Classic) are you using?


If you are using the New Responsive designer, you can create a Submit Rule to accomplish this. Below are the steps:

1. Open the Rules tab in the form.

2, Add and configure a Submit rule.

  • Click the “Add submit rule” button.
  • Name = Validate Container Number (or name it what you like)
  • Click on the Insert (+) button on the first If statement.
  • Configure a Formula using the startsWith function like below and click Insert:
    startsWith([Form].[Container Number],"OA-")
  • Select “Is No” condition.
  • Configure the Then sttement as:
    Container Number “Show validation error” “Please enter a Container Number that starts with "OA-" ”
  • Click the “Create rule” button to save and activate the rule.

3. Go to the Preview tab and test the Submit Rule.



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Exactly what I needed! Many thanks…..