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  • 3 February 2020
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Not sure if this is possible or not.... But I want to create a form that had a bunch of products (checkboxes) that they have to select. Only if the product is checkmarked will they be able to fill out questions pertaining to that product(s). 


O365 New Responsive Form Designer


So my question is if this is even possible?!?! or If I have mapping for those pages in a sharepoint list  can I connect that to my form and use a lookup function that will show those pages based on the input??? I'm open to any suggestions or thoughts. 



Best answer by v-tmasenko 3 February 2020, 22:51

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Not sure how many products or the frequency of change but you can accomplish your requirements via:

Step 1) set the property of all product question fields to Hidden
Step 2) for each checkbox/product, define a rule like this:
If checkbox1 is Yes then
product question 1 Visible = Yes
product question 1 Visible = No

There are several more ways to achieve this. If you have lots of products or the selection changes often then I would use a list lookup to select the product then filter the question field the matching column equals the value using parseLookup of the first list lookup. Essentially a cascading lookup.