Retrieving data from Multiple lines of text field

  • 8 June 2018
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I would like to retrieve some data from a multiple lines of text field, i tried to use calculated value to display my data. but the output cannot separate by columns and cannot show by rows.

My expected output:

Item 1            1             10            Remarks 1            10

Item 2            2             50            Remarks 2            100

Item 3            3             51            Remarks 3            153

My calculated value output finally.

The formula in my calculated value object

Any idea to show the multiple lines of text field as my expected result? thanks.

This is my input screen.

This is the data stored in multiple lines of text field

1 reply

If you are doing this on a form, then you would need to parse the output and then use regex or a regular expression to do that. If you are using workflow, then you can use the query xml or regular expression action to parse that as needed.