Repeating Section on Form

  • 27 November 2019
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I've read a lot of the forums, but am still confused on how to add a repeating section to my O365 Nintex Form.  It is similar to an Invoice where the repeating section is Project ID/Name list and an amount field.  Should my main list form have a lookup to the Project ID/Name list and then the values of that repeating section be saved in an Line Item List?


A couple of post I read were saying to use a multiple line text field to save the XML, that just confuses me more.  I feel this shouldn't be so complicated.


Is there a How-To on how to create something like this?

2 replies

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The posts you've read are correct.

You can either connect your repeating section to a single plain text multiline field in the list, or leave it as local form data (not connected to anything in the list).

Your main list should not contain any columns for fields in the repeating section...these are local form controls.

Do you need to parse through the individual rows of the repeating section? If so your only option is to use Query XML (or possibly regular expression) to parse out the values from the connected multiline column or the local form data.

If for example you only need to store a calculated total for all line items in the list then you can place that control outside the repeating section and connect it to a list column.

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Thank you, I was able to get it to work.  I saw a post someplace to format the XML in the list view to show in a table.  Which I think had to have a workflow run to do it.  I was wondering if I could format the column using JSON.  Any ideas?