Pull in manager of recipient to workflow

  • 1 September 2022
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I have a simple SharePoint list that pulls in a nominee name (via person/group field) and I want to be able to send a workflow email to the nominee and also the nominee's manager.  


I can't seem to find a simple way to do this and it seems like something a lot of people would find useful.  Can anyone answer this simple question?  I thought I could create a variable but I don't know how to set up the value.  Thanks!

3 replies

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Hi @eculpepper 


In Nintex Workflow 0365, use the "Office 365 Query User Profile" to find the an Employee's Manager.




You can also get an Employee's Manager using Nintex Form 0365 (New Responsive Form)

When Employee field is filled (Employee not equal ""), set the Manager value to the formula



NOTE: Getting the Manager name depends on the organization AD setup. Some users do not have Managers. Your workflow needs to mitigate for this situation 



Thanks @Garrett !  So I am not using a Nintex form for this so I tried looking into using the Office 365 Query User Profile and I tested it and nada. 


I included a screenshot of what I populated the fields with but to be honest, I was guessing at the Connection and user name (email address)...am I supposed to fill in my email address there?  What is it really looking for there? 

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Hi @eculpepper 


SharePoint URL: <Your SharePoint URL>


User Name: <The employee email address which you want to find his/her manager>

Property: Manager

Store Property in: <Your variable>


Help: https://help.nintex.com/en-US/Office365/Designer/Actions/Office365QueryUserProfile.htm


If you insert your name (must be an email address), you should get your Manager name in the output.