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  • 2 March 2020
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I have a requirement to build out a form that supports multi-pages. This must be built in responsive (mobile ready). 


I've noticed that when printing a form to PDF that has got multiple pages that only the currently displayed page is printed. The client requires the entire form be printed (i.e. all pages). I have noticed various suggestions concerning using convert to document via workflow, however, that will not solve the issue given that the print must be on demand (i.e. when the form is displayed).


Any suggestions?


Please do not suggest (a) use Classic forms (b) use a workflow workaround 





5 replies

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I have a 2 page new responsive designer form that when click Print from the Nintex bar in the top left, it will indeed print all pages.
Within the Print pop-up dialog, I'm using the "Save as PDF" destination with pages set to "All".
Sorry I haven't tried my form on a mobile.


Thanks for your response. Apologies, I should have also mentioned the browser being used. The client is using Firefox. If you use the Print option at the top of the form you will be presented with this:


But, if you use Edge Chromium or Google Chrome you will get this:


Using Firefox will print one page only. 


Will advise the client use Chrome / Edge for now, but if anyone has any advice on this behaviour using Firefox it will be most welcome!





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Please be advised that printing of Nintex Forms using anything other than Nintex's Print To PDF feature is not supported and this is why you get mixed results.



Thanks for your response - however my question concerns Responsive, NOT Classic which is where Print to PDF appears at the top of the form.


As you know, when using Responsive you will see only the PRINT option at the head of the form, NOT the Print to PDF action. If Print to PDF was available in Responsive forms then I would not be asking the question concerning printing of multiple pages. Suggesting not using Print to PDF when printing nintex forms is irrelevant since that option is not provisioned in Nintex responsive forms!






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Oh you mean New responsive forms which is different to Responsive forms.