Parallel approvals completed, but workflow suspended =>throttling error

  • 17 November 2017
  • 2 replies

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I have a workflow that has worked with no issues for many months. Recently I have needed to add some extra rules on the approval forms, but nothing complicated.


Now the 7 parallel approvals are assigned, and can be input OK => all have status completed in the workflow status screen.

But, the workflow goes into suspended mode with a throttling error and does not move on to the next steps in the workflow, which is updating the main form with the approvals.


I am not convinced that removing the new rules (which only hide controls) would have any effect.


Does anyone have any ideas how to fix or work around this?

2 replies

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This information might help.

I would try to remove the new rules, that way you can confirm or not if that's what is causing the error. What's the full error, can you copy it here?

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Are you able to add the throttling error here? I would be interested in knowing what sort of error it is, I wouldn't imagine changes to the approval forms should impact workflow throttling.