Office 365 Update Items - Field to Update User Value

ok another one where I seem to have tried every possible combination and nothing is working.

Senario - Updating a list in another site, all columns copy across fine except for a People column i'm trying to copy across.

Using the Office 365 Update Items - I've added the following:

- I've tried to type details in manually (straght email, with claims token at the front

- I've tried current Item lookup - LoginName/Email

Error I get when I select type = User

When I select Text to copy across I get a No Response from Server error

Simple trying to copy from one Person field to another (AnsweredBy below is the detstination)

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Even stranger it works fine for a Office 365 create item but not and Office 365 Update item using the same config

I have the same problem with user columns and with lookup columns with multiple values and with option columns with multiple values...

Lots of people seems to be facing these problems - is there an authoritative guide to the Office 365 Update Items action? IMO it would be logical if values of the same type could be copied fro one item to another without any converting, string gymnastics etc.!!

Wonder status of this issue using Action O365 Update Items as i'm having issues (may 2021) with people/users & MMD columns.  2. what kind of work arounds - have worked?

Appreciate help, Sue