O365 Nintex Forms - Cascading Lookup Issue

Working on a form with cascading lookup but cannot get the cascade to work correctly.

Here are my two lists:

Here is the form layout for the fields:

Here are the control configs:

The issue is when I use the filtering, the SubmittingOrgBusinessUnit1 field does not provide the filter need when a SubmittingOrg is chosen. In fact it does not offer any option.

No change with the field for SubmittingOrg is chosen.

If I do not filter the SubmittingOrgBusinessUnit1 controls, the field show the drop down options.

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated!


Best answer by Chris_Ben 13 June 2018, 07:36

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Hi William,

The only thing that looks slight strange is your List Column Names in both controls - instead of LinkTitleNoMenu, call the first one SubmittingOrg and the second SubmittingOrgBusinessUnitBusinessUnit1.  At least that is going to retrieve the correct columns for you.

Where I've also noticed a discrepancy is you shouldn't have needed to set up your first list lookup control as Nintex should have done that for you.  In your third list the one where you save all your selections), you can set up the SubmittingOrg list column as a lookup column and pick your SubmittingOrg list.

In your filtering options, I also note that you have SubmittingOrg highlighted in blue.  I'm not sure where that came from but just type the name "SubmittingOrg", don't link to it like you have.

Hope that helps.



Thanks for the response Chris!  I made the changes you stated and typed in the name. It correct the problem and is working properly now, Thank you very much!

Great stuff!