Not able to get the column reference name in Nintex Forms

  • 5 March 2021
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I have a query on Nintex classic forms using JavaScript.
I have to populate data to a column based on the selection of an Image using JavaScript.

As shown in the above screen shot, on clicking search icon I have to populate the data(example: ABC) in 'Test' text box.
I am not able to get the control reference name for the text box through developer tools to populate the date using JavaScript.

In the below screenshot as highlighted in red, there is no column name reference showing that input control belongs to 'Test' column.
Can you please let me know how can I figure out that input tag is pointing to Test column.



1 reply

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In the advence settings of your control, you can simply configure the "Store client ID in JavaScript Varaible", and then in you code, use $NWF("#"+VaraibleName).Val() to get the value of your input.


The $NWF is Jquery reference.


Have a look at this thread, they show some exemples of how to use JS in classic Form: