Nintex Workflow suddenly missing in "Add an App" list of apps

I have created a new site in our organization, I usually add Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms when creating a site. In this case however the "Nintex Workflow" app is missing in the list of "Add an app", though upon checking the "Store", I can find the Nintex Workflow app.

My question is, why does the "Nintex Workflow" app suddenly disappears from the list when clicking the "Add an app".

Please heeelp!

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Hi John,

What is the site template that you're using here? Is this a new Site Collection, or new Site?


Hi Callum Bundy‌,

This happens when I try to create a new site collection with Team site template.

Any opinions on this behavior? What might be the reason why "Nintex Workflow" app is missing in the "Add an app" list of apps? 

Please help,

I just need some opinions why this instance happen?

What might be the causes of this SharePoint behavior? Why does the nintex application suddenly missing in the list of "Add an App" apps wherein before the nintex app was available in it.

I don't need solution. I just need all the possible anwers/opinions on why it happened.

Thanks so much, I would appreciate your help.

If it is a new site collection you may need to add it again from the store on that site, then it may be available to other sites.

Other than that I'm not sure, we'd need to take a look or create a support case in your o365 portal, this part of the installation process isnt part of our application so we have pretty limited diagnostics in that area so Microsoft may be able to offer more assistance.