Nintex Workflow stuck at Activity In Progress

  • 8 February 2023
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I am encounter an issue with Nintex Workflow that is affecting all systems. Currently all workflow would start but nothing is happening and status is stuck at Activity in progress. I am also unable to suspend or end the workflow. May I know if there is an issue on Nintex’s side? 

Could you please help me to provide solution on this as this is affecting all of Nintex based system.


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Best answer by WouterT 8 February 2023, 10:28

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5 replies

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It looks you are right @hasrul : Have a look at

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@WouterT Has the issue been affecting Nintex Workflow users in Malaysia as well? Additionally, do you have any information on how long the technical team estimates it will take to resolve the issue?

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Ape khabar @hasrul 


You should open an issue with Nintex Support or get in touch with your Nintex representative.

While Nintex Operations is degraded, it should be running (but slower) and not halted like in your case.


As you stated, the workflow starts (user fills a form, submit form, list item is created and workflow is triggered).

Where is the workflow halting? At which action (any actions, task assign actions, email actions)?
Are users able to login into their MS 0365 accounts - to access SPO, to access Outlook mail?

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Khabar baik @Garrett 😁

I’m happy to inform you that the issue has been resolved. I appreciate yours and @WouterT efforts in addressing this issue and helping me to find root caused for this.

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@hasrul glad to see your issue has been resolved. Cannot answer your other questions unfortunately as I am just a Nintex user just like you. I have no more information than you or anybody else.