Nintex Workflow: Querying Another List

  • 13 December 2022
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I'm currently working on a nintex list workflow for List A. I want a certain step in this workflow to run when an associated folder for the item in library B is modified.

For example: User adds document to Item 1 in Library B This then fires Nintex step to change status of Item 1 in List A

Any suggestions?

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Hi @JackToncatrina 


Here is a possible method. 

  1. Create a Workflow “Monitor B” in the Library B.
    This workflow should only trigger when items are added (and/or when items are modified)
  2. Workflow “Monitor B” objective is to either
    1. Add a new item in List A or
    2. Modify a value for an item in List A
  3. Upon the change in List A, workflow “A” should run.

This should get you started.