Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is not impacted by SharePoint 2010 workflow retirement

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In relation to the announcement made by Microsoft regarding SharePoint 2010 workflow retirement for Microsoft 365, Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is not impacted by the SharePoint 2010 workflow retirement.


To note:

  • Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is not impacted as it does not leverage the SharePoint 2010 workflow engine to run its workflows.
  • Nintex Workflow On Premises is not impacted as the retirement only applies to Microsoft / Office 365 platform.


For more information or assistance, please reach out to Nintex Support.


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Good to know! Thanks Josh.

I appears Nintex does user SharePoint 2013 workflow engine which is being deprecated. What is in place to deal with this issue?

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Hi @emacintosh 

Thanks for your query, looking at  MSFT link :  SharePoint 2010 workflow retirement for this:


"After August 1, 2020, new Microsoft 365 customers can use SharePoint 2013 workflows or Power Automate. However, SharePoint 2013 workflows will follow a similar retirement path in the future, so it's highly recommended to use Power Automate or other supported solutions. You won't lose any content during the transition. However, all migration of workflows is a manual process."


so MSFT say that SP 2013 workflow manager is still valid. 

do you have a On-Prem or O365 of Nintex workflow platform?

Hope that help



we are using the O365 Nintex Platform which appears to be using the SP 2013 workflow manager, however, SharePoint 2013 workflows will follow a similar retirement path in the future. 


What is Nintex doing to prepare for the retirement of the SP 2013 workflow manager?

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Thanks emacintosh

with Nintex suite, workflows can be executed and processed on :

1- On-prem ( SharePoint on Prem using Microsoft workflow engine)

2- O365 ( using Microsoft Workflow Manager)

3- Nintex for Cloud - NWC ( using its own workflow engine)


Im happy to discuss any workflow migration plan. that might help you.


Hope that help,


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Sorry but that's not an answer to the question. What will happen to the Nintex for O365 workflows once the 2013 workflow engine is scrapped from Office 365? Will they have to be migrated to NWC?

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@quno @emacintosh 

for SP2013 workflows used in O365, you can use the 'SharePoint 2010/2013 Converter' to convert those workflows to Nintex.

Further information on the converter tool and how to download can be found  > tools (on the left).

I think the comments concerning SP2013 workflows are very valid. As of this morning, SP workflow instance pages have a banner pointing to a Microsoft article where they are saying that SP2013 "will follow a similar retirement path in the future, so it's highly recommended to use Power Automate or other supported solutions".


I am assuming Nintex is going to have to change substantially when this does happen. How is Nintex planning on dealing with the change?

I would like to know an answer to this as well.  We use nintex for some users but I'm debating if I should go with power automate versus nintex to convert the majority of the workflows. 


Is this the correct summary? I try to summarizes this from my point of view as an Administrator.

Microsoft will retire SharePoint 2010 Workflow Engine until 1st November 2020 ( and SharePoint 2013 Workflow Engine will be retired in future (yet not determined)

Szenario1: You plan to migrate from SharePoint On-Prem (with Nintex) to the M365 Cloud with Workflows

  • User Nintex Workflow Cloud with independent Workflow Engine for Workflow with Connectors to SharePoint Online Lists. 

  • Alternatively use Microsoft Power Automate with independent Workflow Engine or other supported solutions


Szenario2: You have already SharePoint Online and Nintex for Office 365 which is based not on SharePoint 2010 Workflow Engine. Nintex for Office 365 is based on SharePoint 2013 Workflows Engine.

  • At the moment it seems not to be that critical if you have Nintex for Office 365 Workflows, because only the SharePoint 2010 Workflow Engine will be retired and Nintex for Office 365 uses SharePoint 2013 Workflows. But to be prepared for the future you have to migrate to another solution like Nintex Workflow Cloud or Microsoft Power Automate or other supported solutions because SharePoint 2013 Workflow Engine follows a similar retirement path in the future and then Nintex for Office 365 bases on SP 2013 Workflow Enginge won't work anymore.

Please leave some comments if i unterstood something wrong or some information is missing.

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Customers are now seeing an error appear warning them of the demise of SharePoint 2010 Workflows. 


SharePoint 2010 workflows will be retired and users will no longer have the ability to run or create 2010 Workflows. 


That's less than 30 working days away. If you haven't already, check out the Converter on the Gallery SharePoint 2010/2013 Converter