Nintex Workflow for O365 DocuSign retrieve Envelope Status Issue

  • 28 May 2019
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Forgive me the long post...


I have a project to create a Nintex workflow for O365 that checks the DocuSign envelope status and then downloads the document once the envelope has been completed. The documents' envelope id is created using a console app using a demo account and integration key. There are no issues using the demo account and the workflow can check the envelope status and download the document successfully


After promoting the docusign integration key to production, the console app can still send the documents for digital signature without issue using the production account and integration key.


The problem now is, when the Nintex workflow DocuSign retrieve envelope status is checking the status of the envelope, it throws the message "The envelope ID {envelope ID} either does not exist or you have no rights to it.".


Has anyone here have any experience using docusign actions in Nintex workflow transitioning from demo to production account? or does anyone here have an idea what could be the cause and a solution?


Thanks in Advance

1 reply

I remember this a while ago... Check and ensure that you have set the login to allow API authentication. I can exactly remember what it is, but its on the DS side of things for sure. Once enabled you should see this working without an error.