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  • 4 April 2019
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i am working with nintex workflow in office 365 and i am curious if there is a way to include new completed forms in the body of the email instead of as an attachment?

so my current workflow sends a notification when a new item is added, i want the ability to be able to put that new item into the body of the email, preferrably as the print to pdf format output

6 replies

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You wont be able to embed it, but the best means to do this is build out the response within the body by using references. It is common to add a table int he email with two columns, have the first column be the question or label to the input that was on the form, and the second column should contain the data provided in the response. Use reference to the Item Properties to do so. By adding this as HTML, you can do what ever presentation you like using these references.

thanks for the reply, im looking at my workflow, im not seeing any of the fields i can reference from my form under the Item Properties reference items?

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Oh, are the controls connected to sharepoint fields. Is this on a list?

yes the form is on a sp list, i dont know how to tie the fields from my form into the workflow references

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What you can do is created an html table in a variable and insert this variable in your your string variable, just include your item properties.

That way you will be able to style your emails.

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From the Send an Email action, in the body area, you can type any custom message. Then simply double click from the Insert References pane any value. The Item Properties section is the references to the list fields. I've attached a screen shot