Nintex Online for Office 365 Form: How to hide ribbon in the form

  • 3 March 2020
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In Nintex Online for Office 365,  your cannot customize ribbon in the form. The same was available in Nintex On-Prem.


If you add a new button in the form, there are no option to show that button on ribbon. There are only three buttons which is in the ribbon.


  • Save

  • Cancel

  • Print to PDF


So, if you want to rename save to submit or want to add new button in the ribbon, it is not possible and there is no workaround. The only is to hide whole ribbon using css/javascript and add our custom button.


below is the code to completely hide the ribbon.





NWF$('#formFillerContainer').css('top', '25px');


The last line NWF$('#formFillerContainer').css('top', '25px'); will shift the whole page little bit up so that there should no white space in place of ribbon.

1 reply


I used the code that you prescribed to hide the ribbon, but it did not work at SharePoint 2019.  Do you have any idea to help me?