Nintex Office 365 Query User Profile - Need Manager info for user in form, not initiator.

  • 23 March 2017
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How can I retrieve the Manager info for a user assigned in the initial form input and not the initiator? I can get the manager info back for whom ever is logged in and completed the form. However, a sales person is assigned in the form (another person in our company) and want to retrieve the manager info of the sales person. I have tried many different ways and am unable to figure this out. Any ideas are appreciated! 


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3 replies

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If you cannot use "Office 365 Query User Profile" action, then possibly you must use "Web Request" action to call User Profile REST API and get specific user's manager.



Seriously, sometimes the most obvious things are the first thing overlooked. I just had to enter the word Manager.....good god, you would think I have never done this before. Thank you for saving me so much time!!!!

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I'm glad I could have helped you