Nintex O365 Form and attachment/s issue

Good day,

I'm using Nintex O365 Forms and all of a sudden i can only add 1 single file as an attachment.

The control is set to unlimited attachments. I also deleted the control and added it again.

Any ideas on how to fix it.

Many thanks


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Can you check this . It may help you.


Lakshmi Narayana C

Good day ,

I did but it still comes up as :

I only have 1 Attachment section on the Form. I need to be able to add more than 1 document as an attachment.


CHARMAINE MALAN | Business Analyst

Hello Charmaine Malan‌ - 

Are you looking to add multiple attachment controls to a single form or simply adding multiple attachments via a single control on the form?

I was able to add multiple attachments (granted one at a time) to a form:

and it does commit back to the list properly.

Please check that you do not have the following under Control Settings for the attachment control, under Validation: