Nintex New Responsive Form - Set Field Value to Value of Query String

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Hello Community,

I am working with Nintex New Responsive Design Forms, and I want to set a field value to the value of a variable that will be passed in via a query string.  So far I have this formula to grab the query string value:


But that’s as far as I have gotten, I don’t know how to take the capture variable value and use it to set the field value.  Has anyone else done this?  If so, please provide actual examples and guidance.





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Hi @TSMolskow 

How are you reading that Query String? From the Task Form?


  1. Send the user a Task Link or Item URL compose into an email
  2. Append to the link the following (feel free to switch from “Apple” to another keyword)
  3. Test the Link from the email. 
    Does it show the “?leaid=Apple” at the end of the url in your browser.
    If YES, does it correctly set the value of your variable?
    Hint: Show the value of the variable using a Label control.


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Hi @TSMolskow 


You have set up the query string correctly, the next step is to use a rule to set the value of the field you would like. 

first create a new rule that has the IF statement of [txtLEAID] has a value. 


[text field] value is [txtLEAID]

That way if your query string has a value the rule will apply that to the text field of your choice. 

hope this helps