Nintex forms first weekday on date/time control

  • 19 October 2021
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Is possible to change the first weekday from Sunday to Monday on Date/time control in a form?



I have checked the regional settings, and i have the config set to spanish regional settings but i see no change.




4 replies

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Unfortunately, the date time picker is hard-coded and we are not able to act on it much.
I am afraid you're stuck with this. 

I don't understand why the form have regional settings, and theses doesn't affect to the first weekday on the calendar.


Thankyou by the way.


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I Agree with you ...

Why the not fully use the regional setting of your sharepoint site.....


There is a use voice for this, i encourage you to vote, and hope this feature will be dev ....



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Please mark the post as resolved 😉 this way other people won't try to answer it.