Nintex Forms fails on list permissions only

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Hi ,

we have created a nintex form on a sharepoint online list. Some of our users does have list permissions only(edit permissions), no permissions on the site level. If they want to open the nintex form, they get an "sorry, you don't have access" error. Other users with read permissions on the site level can open the form. Any idea how to give the other users access to the nintex form? (permissions on the site level cannot be given due to other reasons).



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Is this a list form or a task form?
Are you using the default item content type or a site/sitecollection content type?
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Hi Simon,
this is a list form and contenttypes are not activated on the list.
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Hi Lutz,


Did you ever get an answer to this issue. My gut feel is that there must be a permissions check done on the site where the list is stored and that may be stopping the user from accessing the form.

I have the same issue on a site that needs to be private to most staff but I also need them to be able to access a list on the site. My workaround was to create a new site that they have read access to and alter the permissions on the list items so that they can only see what they are permitted to see.



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Please see the help files for the required permissions.
As per the help files, any deviation from the required permissions will cause you problems. For example, you may have a permission called contribute but if you have edited that permission in any way it is no longer contribute permissions.