Nintex Form to save SharePoint number field with display as percentage

  • 10 February 2023
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I am using Nintex form on SharePoint online where the list has lots of numeric fields and the fields have display as percentage. On Nintex form, there is the number input with decimal. 

If you enter 5 (meant for 5%), the form saves back to SharePoint as 500%. 

Not sure if Nintex form has a setting to know it’s a percentage field? 

Workaround I am using now is to create a hidden number input on the form, create a rule to divide the number by 100 and save the hidden value to SharePoint. 

1 reply

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Doesn't seem to be a built-in solution in NWC (or NAC as we are supposed to say now).

But when I needed such a thing I just solved it in SharePoint with a good old calculated field. The field Perc2 is just the Perc field divided by 100. Use the Perc field in the form and the Perc2 field in the workflow and list views.