Nintex form SPO Attachment control rule

  • 24 October 2022
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Hi All,


I have an attachment control on a SPO list form in Responsive designer. I am trying to add a rule to the control to invalidate the form if there is no attachment. So if a user chooses a specific value in a different control, then this attachment control should be considered for validation, if not then it should be ignored. I tried a bunch of formulas in vain. The attachments item properties is null as it's a new field and there is no value.


I see a {self}
 in Named controls. How do I use this to check if there is an attachment uploaded or not. Below doesn't work:


{self} == FALSE

{self} ==""


Any help is appreciated.


1 reply

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I had a look at this and I do not think it is possible to implement this functionality in responsive forms. You may want to try a new responsive form instead.