Nintex form saves with required field blank


scenario: SharePoint list form. Title field is renamed to Project ID. This field is required. In the Preview, leaving the field blank shows the validation message. But in the SharePoint list, a new item created with the form can be saved without entering the Project ID field.


What am I missing? First screenshot shows preview, next screenshot is published form and SharePoint list view with empty column.




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Does the form's controls  have any formulas on them? If any of those formulas are not correct, validations gets failed and form simply gets saved. Please check all controls for any formulas, remove one after the other and test to narrow down which formula is getting failed, issue could be with wrong syntax in formula.  

That worked.
But for the record -- That is a truly weird behaviour. If any of the formulas in rules or validation throw errors, then the effect should NOT be that all data validation gets ignored and the form gets happily saved without mandatory fields. That is totally irrational. Instead, the form should show what control is not calculating correctly.