Nintex form designer is not opening up

  • 4 March 2020
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Hi There,


We are experiencing issues in opening up Nintex forms in Nintex Designer to make any changes.


We are getting an error: User Access token redemption failed for site "url" using app with host name 400 (BadRequest) response received from OAuth endpoint. Is it due to the degraded performance reported on the service status as shown in the screenshot below? Is there a workaround?

5 replies

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There is a current incident open for this issue that is intermittently affecting some customers.


It generally resolves itself in a short time.

Sounds like this is another example of the OAuth authentication instability. Nintex already has a case open with Microsoft.

Here is the status page to see all the Nintex services:

For now, the workaround is to complete close the browser and relaunch it again. You should get another login prompt and start with a fresh attempt at OAuth authentication when using Nintex.
Thanks for your reply @v-tmasenko. I restarted my computer and launched the browser, entered the credentials. However, I am getting the same issue.

Is there any thing else that i can try?
Thanks @SimonMuntz.
Open a support case with Nintex.
Include which location your provisioning has been set up with (United States, Japan, Australia, Europe).
It'll draw attention to the issue and provide another example that this continues to be an issue.