Nintex for Office 365 End of Life / SharePoint 2013 Workflow

  • 17 February 2023
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Perhaps Microsoft is making this information deceptively difficult to locate, but can anyone let me know when Nintex for Office 365 will officially stop working? I know it’s tied to Microsoft’s support for SharePoint 2013 workflows.

I’ve scoured this forum and the internet and all I can find is this vague answer:



Best answer by Sasan 18 February 2023, 02:41

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5 replies

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@jeffoliver1000 Currently we continue to support Nintex for O365 and now also support SharePoint Framework apps for SharePoint Online (SPFx).  For more details on SPFx click here.

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Thank you Sasan for that information, however, that didn’t quite answer my question.

I would like to know when the end of life is for Nintex for Office 365. In other words, what is the planned retirement date?

If Nintex has no planned end date, then you can please confirm that you plan to continue to support it indefinitely?

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@jeffoliver1000 There are currently no planned end of life for Nintex for O365.  Support is not indefinite.  Should Nintex decide to end support, customers will be given ample notice.  


Hi Sesan, I just want to clarify that Nintex has no plan of not supporting workflows on O365 or SharePoint 2016 on-premise, is that correct? I was told by the sales team that they are moving all their customers to NWC because end of support for O365 is within the 18 months.  I am very confused what will be defecated in 18 months.  Thank you.

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@theresak We highly encourage customers to move to NAC (aka NWC).  There are no official announcements on Nintex for O365 end of life.  Should Nintex decide to end support, customers will be given ample notice.  Again, we highly encourage customers to plan and move to NAC and have the migration tools available to make it a smooth transition for you.