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  • 2 October 2023
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I have a choice form field in Nintex for O365, the choices are 5 budget approvers, it lists their first name and last name.  The user selects their budget approver via radio button.  How can I get the selected approvers name into an email?  The approver needs to receive an email if selected. No problem if it was a People Picker.  Thanks!

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Hello @rhiggs ,

I think one way of achieving this is to store the list of approvers in a list in SharePoint - make sure to add more columns to capture the email address etc.

In the workflow, you will have the name of the approver (from the choice control), you can then query that list (using the name as the filter) to return the email address and use that in your next action to send the email.


If this option is not going to work, you might be able to use SharePoint rest service calls to return the email address from users. However this option is more advanced users as you have call the data and then use xml queries to strip off the desired properties.


I hope this helps with your question.