New Responsive Forms Designer "Loading License" Error in Windows 7

  • 16 June 2020
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We’ve been developing our first forms using the New Responsive Designer, and now are having some user testing.

Several users with Windows 7 are reporting this error (attached) when trying to open the form.


"Something went wrong. We're sorry. There is a problem loading the license."


I can only find one relevant article on the community page:


Unfortunately, these Win7 users are still not able to access the new responsive form, even while using Google Chrome (which was the suggested fix in the post above).

IE gives the aforementioned error, while Google Chrome just sits on the loading page.


Hoping to find some kind of explanation of the New Responsive Form Designer's compatibility with Windows, browsers, etc.

Not sure if there are some browser settings than can be checked. Looking for any help!


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3 replies

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@noah_mcaleer This is one for the support team(, they will be able to investigate this issue for you.

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Thanks! I did that as well.
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The response back from support was basically that the New Responsive Forms Designer was not tested in Win7, so there's no guarantee that it will work at all. I mentioned in my post that these users couldn't use Chrome either, but after several tries they were actually able to access with Chrome. IE is a definite NO in Win7.