New responsive form - List look up returning list position number as well as text

  • 16 September 2022
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Hi all, 


I am really new to Nintex forms but am quite savvy however i am running into trouble with a list lookup.

when using the list lookup to a SharePoint list the value is coming across fine, however if i want to use that value in a variable i am see not only the value but the row number in the list. For example:


List Columns

Fruit       Type of Fruit

Yes         Apple

Yes         Orange

No           Potato


If i want to pull back for example 'Orange' the word Orange is showing in my list look up form value perfectly. But pulling that value into a variable i get '2;#Orange' because it's in row 2. How do i just get the value?


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Hi @Rancea 


If you are pulling the the value into a variable,

just use the parseLookup function to perform the clean.

This should set the variable value to "Orange"


Parselookup Reference

Fantastic. Thank you it works perfectly 🙂