New Reactive Forms Designer Missing User Entered Value on Choice Field

  • 11 September 2019
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I'm creating a form in the new Reactive Forms system and the control for allowing users to enter a 'fill-in' choice.


Was this feature removed? 

Listed options below




  • Title
  • Name | Customize
  • Connected to
  • Display Type (Drop-down list is selected)
  • Options (comma-seperated) 
  • Default value
  • Display 'Please select'
  • Required
  • Custom required message
  • Visible
  • Read-only
  • Description
  • Tooltip
  • Width


I do not see the option to allow users to enter a value, the column is set to in SharePoint Online, and users are uanble to when using the form. 


How do I do this in the new reactive designer?

2 replies

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The New Responsive forms are still being rapidly developed.
Please see the following link which lists the current limitations which state that the feature of fill-in choices has not been implimented yet.
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This issue still has not been fixed.