Multiple Choice values from SharePoint list

  • 28 April 2023
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Is there a way to get Multiple Choice values from a SharePoint list?

8 replies

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Hi @Andrew87 

Can you clarify what you want to achieve?

Is this from a Form or using a Workflow?
Pls specify the platform (SharePoint, Form and Workflow) which you are using?


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This of for a NWC Form. I have a SharePoint list of individuals that need to notified by phone for a specific event.  What I would like to do is bring in the names of these individuals that are in the SharePoint list column to be listed in a Multiple Choice Type action on a form. So you can check them off as you contact them.

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To clarify

SP: SharePoint Online
Form: NAC/NWC Start Event Form
Workflow: NAC/NWC


SP LIst: Events
Columns: Event_Name (Text Short/Single Line), Contact (People - Single or Multiple?)

Event Name Contact
Birthdays Larry
Birthdays Ms Lee
Weddings John
Weddings Mary


In your form, User would select an Event-type List (choice single) and this should populate the Contact List (choice multiple) - Is this right?
Then specify and use the Data Source in your form as cascading dropdown.



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The column in sharpeoint would is just a short text field. I would like to use the multiple choice drop down or a label with a Yes/No box in front of it to display each person we need to contact. 



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This would allow individuals to update the SharePoint list instead of going into the nintex designer and updating the action.

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Wow! This is so much easier to build using O365 Form with List Lookups. 
Kind of struggling with NWC, haha!


SPO List - Event (Text Short), Contacts (Text Short)
This will be our lookup list. 


0365 Form

Events field setting

List Lookup (Event)

Contacts field setting

Notes - Text Long. Using Form rules to populate

Formula: replace( parseLookup([Form].[Contacts]), "," , "\n") 


Just using “[Form].[Contacts]” 

Output (Final)

Use parseLookup function to clean up Lookup result.
Use replace function to replace comma with line break (“\n”)


PS - I haven’t figured out how to accomplish this with NWC form, yet

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Thank you, I would need this on a NWC Form

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Hi @Andrew87 @Garrett 


Currently the only way to do this OOB with NAC forms would be to place the lookup inside of a repeating section, sadly we cannot rely on the nice and helpful APIs of sharepoint for this lookup.


HOWEVER forms plugins are now a thing and building a multiple select for this is actually possible now and I can make one, I will try put one together for you and share this with you as soon as it is ready.


Kind regards