Limit the number of email notification

  • 6 January 2023
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Hi people , I started a workflow where when the priority of this form is set to urgent, a notification will be sent out to a specific person. The person is now receiving more than 10 notifications on this regard now and I dont know how to limit it to only one time. Do you have any idea how to do so? Thanks

1 reply

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Hi @Almasri93 

Just to clarify, this is just a single workflow instance with a single “Send an Email” action and what happens is Person A receiving more that 10 notifications 


  • Is there any Loops or Looping Machines States in the workflow?
  • Please check what is the trigger for the workflow

OR are you asking the following

If 10 forms are filled, instead of 10 notification going to Person A. What you want is a Summary Email that goes out periodically (every 1 or 2 hours)


Appreciate if you could clarify your request