Keep "Loading" screen when open classic Nintex form

  • 3 March 2020
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In some users PC, when they open classic Nintex form and got "Loading" screen and without and response.



After my troubleshooting, when open the form, the form will reach the following URL to load the jQuery:

But the PC cannot reach the above URL, even ping the "", still no response.

Now, I would download the js file and upload to SharePoint Document library, and then may I know how to point jQuery JS file to one of the Document library?



4 replies

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Hi GP,

On my end, the URL opens correctly. As you mentioned, it only happens on some users? Is this URL being blocked by an Anti-Virus and-/or Firewall?
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You can download the jquery file and store it directly in your SiteAssets folder by doing the following:
1) in your Classic Form navigate to Settings --> Advanced --> Custom JavaScript Includes
2) One reference per line in the format of

If this solves your issue then please mark this as a solution.

I thanks so....

But can we change the script URL to my SharePoint, rather than a external source?

Thanks for your suggestion, but it not work, and still return "'NWF$' is undefined" in console.