"Item URL" .. Doesn't show on the Form

  • 29 August 2022
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Hello Everyone,

I am using the "Item URL" from "Common" references.



In an existing Form, the URL shows up when completing the Form.



In my new Form, it does not show up (and is not populating my List).




Thank you!






6 replies

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The item does not exist yet, so there will never be a correct URL value in the calculated value field on a new form. Once you submit the form and an item is created, then a URL will show up. However, the URL will not work using your method on the initial save because the URL has a parameter of ID=0. This URL value in the list column is technically being set to an non-existent item at the time of submission. You would have to open the form after the initial and then submit it again to get the actual URL correct.


I would suggest using the Update List Item action in a workflow to update the URL value in a list column after a new item has been created. Then you can display that list column field on the form.


Good morning @bamaeric,

Thank you for the response.  I opened a new workflow and dragged the "Update List Item" onto it.  I didn't see a URL choice.  Thoughts?  Thanks.






Hi @bamaeric,

Summarily .. I switched Lists to the list that I'm creating and the option showed up.



No that that is on the canvas, do I need just a simple Run If and it will update the List?


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Are you trying to update the URL on the same item in the list? If so, I would suggest changing the Target List setting in the Update List Item action to "Current Item". If you are updating an item in another list, you will have to account for configuring the Where option to update just the one desired item (and not all the items in the list).


You can use a Run If action if the update needs to occur only in certain conditions. Otherwise, the Update List Item action will run and update the list item(s) based upon what you configure.

Ideally, for the folks here, I'd like to update the new "SPARK Item URL" list column with the generated URL.  Thinking through it further, I don't think having it on the Form is material, as long as the List gets updated with the information.







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Makes sense. You should be able to use the Update List Item action in the workflow to update the "SPARK Item URL" field in the list.