Import into Repeating Section

How do you copy and paste information from an excel into a repeating section in a responsive form which displays the necessary fields in the form? Basically I have a form in which I want the data displayed in the form to be information pasted from an excel spreadsheet. 

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Repeating Section data is not directly tied to SharePoint, so the best thing you can do create the form with the repeating section, tie the repeating section control to a multi line field in SharePoint (this will allow you to save the XML output from the whole section.) Also, I would use the Responsive forms 1.0 vs new responsive. There is a slight bug in the XML output that Nintex is aware of.

Create one test entry so you can see what the format of the XML is.

Next create a workflow on a Document Library that you can run a workflow on the Excel document and format the Excel document to be a CSV. Read in the CSV data and for each row create an item in your List and format your XML and save it to your Multi-line text field.

If you formatted your XML to match the output from your test, your form will pick up the and now have a repeating section full of data.

I hope this make since?

Thanks for the reply! I just have a few follow up questions while I am trying to build this out in my workflow. Bear with me as I am not a digital technology expert and new to Nintex overall. 


1. How do I know which responsive form I am working with? I am working with the Nintex forms for office 365, version 2014 and workflow for office 365, version 1014. 

2. I have a feeling that converting an excel into CSV file is not a simple translation to build in the workflow from what I am researching. Is there specific action/actions that I need to use for this conversion? You stated just document library below. It seems like I am basically converting an existing Sharepoint list that originated from excel to csv and then converting the csv through XML to the data I want to see in my form eventually.  

Below is the link I found for converting Sharepoint list data to csv. Is this the most efficient method? Please let me know.

1) When you open up the Nintex Forms Designer for the 1st time, you have 3 differernt types of forms you can build...New Responsive Designer, Responsive Designer, Classic.

Use the Responsive Designer to work with Repeating sections, until they get the bugs worked out on the NEW Responsive Designer.

2) Don't use a workflow to convert your Excel File into a CSV file. Just do a save as...CSV from Excel.

Drop your file into an SP Doc Library and build your workflow to read the CSV File from there.

Follow Vadim's guide below. It is not a true one-to-one because his guide is on Prem Nintex, but it should get you really close to what you need to do to read a file.